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1/2HP Buff Motor w/ Buff Shop Kit #13125

Item #13543 Brand: Eastwood

1/2-HP, single-speed motor with 6"
buffs, compounds, and more
Heavyweight- Special shipping charges may apply.


Our most affordable 1/2-HP Buff Motor comes with a comprehensive buffing kit to buff metals and plastic You get a powerful buff motor, and a buffing kit with wheels, compounds and more. Just bolt the motor to your own stand or workbench.
  • 1/2-HP, 3450-rpm Buff Motor
  • Buffing Kit with 6"-dia. Buffs and more

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About 1/2HP Buff Motor w/ Buff Shop Kit #13125

1/2-HP Buffer works at 3,450 rpm, so it's ideal for buffing metal or plastics. 5/8"-diameter shaft fits buffing wheels with 1/2" soft-center arbor holes. Overall actual width is 22-3/4". Shaft extends 6-3/4" beyond the bell-shaped sealed motor housing. 110v AC. CE-approved.1 Year Eastwood warranty on Buff Motor. Imported.

Buffing Kit includes: eight 6"-diameter, 1/2"-wide buffing wheels (2 each: sisal, loose, spiral, and canton flannel) designed to hold more compound and last a long time; 6 Buffing Compounds with the proper abrasive for any project (1 each: emery, stainless, Tripoli, plastic, jeweler's rouge, and white rouge); instructional buffing DVD. Kit also includes: buff rake, dust respirator, face shield, gloves. Get professional results when buffing stainless, brass, aluminum, pot metal and plastic.


13542 1/2-HP Single-Speed Buff Motor
13125 6" Buffing Kit


Click here for Buffing Instructions

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