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    Eastwood 1/4" Digital Regulator

    Item #51559 Brand: Eastwood

    Digital accuracy for Concours and HotCoat guns; measures to 160 psi


    Maintain accurate line pressure with a 1/4" Digital Regulator that's affordable! Eastwood's digital air regulator is a lightweight and compact unit that's ideal for Eastwood Concours and HotCoat Powder-Coating guns.
    • 0-160-psi gauge
    • Accurate to 1.0 psi
    • Large LCD digital readout
    • Locking adjustment knob

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    About Eastwood 1/4" Digital Regulator

    Go digital without breaking the bank! Eastwood's digital air regulator makes it easy to adjust and maintain line pressure with accuracy. Easy-to-read digital gauge has a battery-saving internal motion sensor that automatically turns the gauge off when not in use. The aluminum-bodied regulator includes one male and one female ¼” NPT connectors. Imported.


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting or power-coating.

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