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1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder

Item #13736 Brand: Eastwood

Small but powerful, for grinding,
porting, smoothing, polishing, etc.

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Eastwood 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder won't stall out on the tough jobs It's got the power and RPMs to get you through your high-speed grinding, porting, smoothing, polishing and deburring tasks.
  • 25,000-rpm no-load speed
  • Built-in regulator controls speed
  • Long-life ball-bearing construction
  • Needs only 3.3 cfm at 90 psi
  • Lightweight for less fatigue

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About 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder

Compare our 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder to the more expensive brands and you'll come to the same conclusion we did: ours is just as good, and an even better value! Features ball-bearing construction for long life, self-locking lever throttle, rear exhaust, and ergonomic grip. Stall-resistant design, with hardened gears and heat-treated components for durability and reliability. 1/4" FNPT air inlet. Final product imported.


1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder
2 Collet Wrenches


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Do not exceed 90 psi (6.3 bar) of tool inlet air pressure. Do not force tool or exert side forces on bit while grinding or cutting. Wear approved eye gear at all times when operating this tool. Keep loose clothing, jewelry and long hair away from rotating components. Always make sure the workpiece being ground or cut is securely clamped. Wear appropriate respiratory protection. Always disconnect tool from air supply when changing bits.


One year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Final product imported.

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