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100' Garage Air LineKit w/ 12 Wall Mount Clamps

Item #51537 Brand: Eastwood

Add multiple air line outlets to help
you work more easily with air tools


Multiple Air Line Outlets in your garage help you work more easily with your air tools Air line kit makes compressed air easily accessible all around your shop or garage. Everything's included, except the tools!
  • Enough for a typical 2-car garage
  • All tubing, fittings and clamps included
  • Handles up to a 150-psi system

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About 100' Garage Air LineKit w/ 12 Wall Mount Clamps

Set-up your shop for easy air use with this complete compressed-air line kit. Simply push the tubing into the fittings to create a tight seal. Removal is as simple as pulling back on the collar to release the tubing. Garage Air line Kit comes with everything you need, including the aluminum air distribution manifold; compressed-air outlet manifold; 100' of 3/8", 150-psi tubing; fittings; mounting clamps and tubing cutter. Install your system in just a few hours, in most cases. One kit will plumb a typical 2-car garage.


51056 3/8", 150-psi Tubing (100')
51051 Outlet
51054 Distribution Manifold
51052 3/8" NPT-to-Tubing Union (6)
51053 Tubing Union Elbow (4)
51055 Tee (1)
51458 Tubing Clamps (12)


51106 3/8" Air Filter and Lubricator with Regulator
51058 Bushing, 3/8" NPT Internal to 1/2" NPT External


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Maximum 150 psi.