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    Eastwood 11 Inch Locking C-Clamp

    Item #13500 Brand: Eastwood

    Swivel pads help secure tapered
    workpieces; quick-release trigger


    11" Locking C-Clamp includes swivel pads for tapered workpieces...unlocks fast with the quick-release trigger Secure your workpiece with a Locking C-Clamp that gives you plenty of throat capacity and flexibility for even unusually shaped projects. Lock and unlock with just one hand.
    • 11" overall length
    • Clamps a variety of shapes
    • Locks closed and adjusts for maximum clamping force
    • Swivel jaws help prevent damage to your workpiece

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    About Eastwood 11 Inch Locking C-Clamp

    C-clamps have large throats to easily fit over awkward project pieces. A locking C-clamp also locks-down tight, and adjusts with a turn screw to produce just the right amount of clamping force; retains that adjustment for repetitive tasks. Trigger release lets you remove it quickly when its work is done. Swivel pads help give you a secure grip on tapered pieces and delicate projects without marring your work surface. Crafted of heat-treated alloy steel for a long working life. Imported.


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    Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

    Final product imported.

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