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Eastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit with Media

Item #50502 Brand: Eastwood

USA-made, 2-in-1 blaster includes 50 lbs. of soda to get you started
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Professional-grade Soda/Abrasive Blaster Kit with 50 lbs. of soda media converts between media in minutes to remove paint and rust safely...strips without chemicals

  • 10' blast hose with heavy-duty deadman valve gives you optimal control
  • All-steel, welded hopper has a concave top for easy filling
  • 50-lb. Soda media capacity
  • Up to 110-lb. Abrasive media capacity
  • Includes 3/32" ceramic nozzle
  • Pressure gauge; requires as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi
  • Includes 50 lbs. of Bicarbonate Soda Media (XL)

This 2-in-1 soda/abrasive blaster is the smart choice for the professional refinisher for removing paint and rust without harming sheet metal, glass, or chrome...converts in minutes to abrasives when your project needs more aggressive blasting.

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About Eastwood Soda Blaster Starter Kit with Media

Soda blasting removes paint without harming sheet metal, glass, or chrome, and while our competitors' commercial soda blasters use high air volume, this pro-grade Eastwood soda blaster requires just 10 cfm at 90 psi. This blaster provides a 50-lb. soda media capacity and up to 110-lb. abrasive media capacity. Includes a lengthy 10'-long, 1/2"-I.D. blast hose with heavy-duty deadman valve; all-steel welded, top-loading hopper; pressure gauge. Includes 3/32" ceramic nozzle. Rolls easily to job site on two wheels. Readily converts between soda and aggressive abrasive blasting with included parts. Includes 50 lbs. of Maintenance XL Soda Blast Media, our most aggressive soda for paint removal. Made in USA.

More Uses for Bicarbonate Soda (Baking Soda) Blasters:
You can also use bicarbonate soda blast media (NOT household baking soda) to remove graffiti and grime from brick, concrete, limestone, granite and other surfaces. Other uses included cleaning of delicate substrates, architectural and industrial cleaning, paint stripping, corrosion removal. Use to remove mold and mildew stains from pools, cement, brick, tile, granite, sound stucco, siding and more. Safely strip paint from aircraft aluminum, trucks, motorcycles. Bicarbonate soda also allows heavy-duty removal of oils and grease from engines and floors.

Simple bolt-together assembly will have you blasting in about 45 minutes. Approximately 36" high with handles, and about 24" in diameter, so it will easily store in the corner of your shop or garage.


50096 Eastwood Pro Soda/Abrasive Blaster with 3/32" Ceramic Nozzle
11807 50 lbs. of Maintenance XL Soda Blast Media


22012 Additional 3/32" Ceramic Nozzle
11806 Automotive (Medium) Bicarbonate Soda Media
11807 Automotive (XL) Bicarbonate Soda Media
50494 Rust Remover Bicarbonate Soda with 20% Aluminum Oxide
50417 Galvanized Abrasive Media Funnel Strainer
50097 Soda-Blasting Protection Kit


(Q) Why use bicarbonate soda media?
(A) Soda will not harm glass, plastics, fiberglass or chrome surfaces. It's used to remove paint coatings from the vehicle surface without etching the surface or warping the metal like more aggressive media would. It's the best way to strip fiberglass Corvettes, boats or aftermarket hoods. Also used to remove paint from urethane and SMC-type bumper fascias.

(Q) Can this unit be used with more aggressive media?
(A) Yes, this unit can be converted to blast standard abrasive medias such as crushed glass, aluminum oxide, etc. by using the conversion kit included.


Bicarbonate soda blasting is much safer than traditional abrasives, and more gentle to the metal or substrate you're blasting. However, you must still protect yourself from the dust and, more importantly, the particles of paint, corrosion or scale that become airborne during the blasting operation.

Use a properly fitted dust mask or respirator, safety glass or safety shield, plus heavy gloves, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt to protect exposed skin. Use our 50097 Soda-Blasting Protection Kit for complete protection.

Make sure you disconnect the air line and allow the tank to bleed pressure before opening the fill cap.

Do not aim the nozzle anywhere other than the substrate you are blasting.

Check the condition of the nozzle after every hour of blasting and replace once wear is visible or the blast stream becomes ineffective.

Before each use, inspect the tank for any signs of corrosion. Make sure the rubber hoses are not dry-rotted, cracked, split or show any other signs of wear or abrasion from use or storage. Do not use the unit until damage components are repaired. Call Eastwood at 800-544-5118 for replacement components.

Make sure the deadman valve is operating properly by depressing the valve lever and releasing; it must close over the nozzle under its own spring pressure. If not, do not use the deadman valve until the spring or obstruction is repaired.

Only use fresh Eastwood-brand Bicarbonate Soda Media to assure trouble-free blasting and quick paint removal.

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