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  • 2' x 3' Medium Wave Curing Lamp

    2' x 3' Medium Wave Curing Lamp

    Item #12054 Brand: Infratech

    2'x3'-coverage infrared lamp for curing small painted parts; includes stand


    Infrared Powered Curing Lamp can cure small area repairs 1500 watts of infrared curing power over a 2' x 3' coverage area makes this lamp ideal for small area paint repairs or a home shop paint job.
    • Infrared lamp and 6' stand set-up in minutes
    • Use in shop or garage
    • 36"-long bulb

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    About 2' x 3' Medium Wave Curing Lamp

    Infrared Powered Cure Lamp will cure everything from small painted parts to limited area paint repairs. Cures a 2' x 3' area at one time; simply move along the piece until complete. Heavy-duty stand adjusts to over 6' tall for curing hoods and roof lines. Parabolic reflector creates uniform heat distribution among all surfaces, and the energy-efficient fixture operates for only pennies per hour.

    Unit is rated at 1500 watts, and requires a 120vAC, 12.5-amp circuit. UL-listed.


    Infrared Lamp
    6' Metal Stand


    12054A 36" Replacement Element for 12054


    Follow manufacturer's safety instructions

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