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Eastwood 200-Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder

Item #14422 Brand: Eastwood

Do MIG, stick and flux core welding with 1 professional unit


Eastwood 200-amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder gives you professional multi-process welding at a DIY price One lightweight, yet powerful, machine goes with you to do MIG welding on mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum; and stick (arc) welding on stainless steel, cast iron and hard surfacing. Welds aluminum with optional spool gun(13898 not included). Eastwood's 200-Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder is portable and ideal for use with a generator.
  • High-power 220vAC-input inverter welder
  • 200 amps out in MIG mode for steel and stainless from 20-ga. to 5/16"
  • 140 amps out in stick welder mode for up to 1/8" electrodes
  • Also does flux core welding

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About Eastwood 200-Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder

10' MIG gun handles 0.023" to 0.035" wire with a 30% duty cycle at 140 amps. Inverter welder uses a smaller transformer than a regular welder, making it more compact, lightweight and portable. You're also getting Eastwood's famous professional quality at a price that makes sense for DIYers.


Includes Eastwood 200-amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder, ground cable and clamp, MIG gun, regulator and all accessories (except gas bottle) needed to start welding steel.


Use replacement nozzles #12210 and replacement tips #12211 ( 0.023 inch) and #12224 (0.030 inch).
13898-Eastwood Spool Gun With Aluminum Wire


Always wear eye, face and hand protection


3-year warranty. Made in China


Welds from 20 gauge to 3/16 inch steel

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