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2K Ceramic CB Satin and Activator

Item #50545ZP Brand: Eastwood

Our most durable, chemical-resistant, easiest-to-spray, chassis black
Use in a well-ventilated area.


2K Satin Ceramic Chassis Black — our most durable, chemical-resistant, and easiest-to-spray Chassis Black yet!

  • Highly chip-resistant
  • Incredibly UV-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Dries fast

Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Chassis Black is a super-durable satin coating that's not only beautiful, but also tough as nails. Our proprietary formula imbeds finely ground nano-ceramic particles into a high-quality 2K (2-component) 4:1 chemical base to create the ultimate, factory-correct finish. 1-quart satin Ceramic Chassis Black comes with 8-oz. activator; you'll need 2 quarts of Chassis Black for a full-frame vehicle.

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About 2K Ceramic CB Satin and Activator

Now there's a catalyzed urethane form of our popular Chassis Black with a difference. This is our most durable, chemical resistant, and easiest to spray, chassis Black yet! And since it's formulated with ceramic, it offers even better abrasion resistance! Easy 4:1 mix with the 21854Z Activator 8 oz. & spray with a 1.3 or larger nozzle spraygun. Covers about 50 sq. ft. in 2 coats. Withstands peaks up to 300 degrees F. For greatest durability apply over our 50242ZP Epoxy Primer. For professional use only. Contains isocynates. Proper respiratory protection Must Be Used.


One catalyzed quart of Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black covers about 50 square feet in 2 coats.


Eastwood Urethane/Ceramic Activator 8oz.


Can Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black be applied directly over other finishes? Generally Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black can be applied over most thoroughly cured (cannot be indented with a thumbnail) finishes. Scuff first with 320 -600 grit and test a small area before coating the entire area. If lifting occurs, remove the lifting paint, sand the surrounding area, and seal the


This product is designed for use by trained professionals. Read & understand all warnings and directions before use. Do Not Use Without Sufficient Ventilation. Users must wear an appropriate, properly fitted NIOSH-approved activated charcoal cartridge respirator if a forced fresh-air system is not available. Do not use this product, or be exposed to spray mist/vapors if




Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black is easily applied with your HVLP gun with a 1.3mm or larger nozzle. Provides complete hiding in 2 coats. Allow 10 minutes between coats. Refer to product label for more complete application directions and safety information. Can be applied directly over our 50242ZP Epoxy Primer after 60 minutes to 5 days without scuffing.

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