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    Eastwood 3-Piece Aviation Tin Snip Set

    Item #70270 Brand: Eastwood

    Includes left-cut, right-cut, and straight-cut snips


    Heavy-duty, 3-pc. Aviation Tin Snip Set from Eastwood uses compound leverage to easily cut sheet metal Jaws are made of carefully heat-treated drop-forged steel to last even through heavy-duty use. It's a "must-have" pro-quality set if you do auto bodywork, ductwork or roofing tasks.
    • Cuts up to 18-gauge cold rolled steel or 22 gauge stainless steel
    • Drop-forged from Chrome Molybdenum steel alloyli>
    • Induction hardened cutting edges
    • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
    • Serrated and hardened jaws for clean cuts
    • Spring-loaded
    • Dual-material cushion grips for comfort during repetitive use
    • Color-coded grips for quick identification

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    About Eastwood 3-Piece Aviation Tin Snip Set

    Eastwood's Aviation Tin Snips are drop-forged from chrome molybdenum alloy steel with induction-hardened cutting edges. These durable snips offer superior cutting performance to cut up to 18-gauge cold-rolled steel or 22-gauge stainless steel.

    Additional features to help keep you safe include: serrated cutting edges that provide a stable bite to prevent slipping; comfortable slip-resistant grips that offer better control; and the hand-release safety auto latch.


    Left-Cut Aviation Tin Snip
    Right-Cut Aviation Tin Snip
    Straight-Cut Aviation Tin Snip


    Always wear appropriate eye and hand protection. Only use tools for their intended purpose.


    Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

    Final product imported.

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