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4-inch Magnetic Copper Welding Backer

Item #22994 Brand: Eastwood

Magnetic 2"x4" copper panel helps you weld without burn-thru


4"-long Magnetic Copper Backer helps you weld without burning holes Magnetic copper backing panel provides hands-free support when doing butt-welding or welding holes in sheet metal.
  • Prevents warping and weld burn-thru
  • Welding material won't stick to copper
  • 2" x 4" copper panel is magnetic; no hands or clamps needed

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About 4-inch Magnetic Copper Welding Backer

Use this hands-free, no-maintenance, backing support when butt-welding and welding holes in sheet metal or whenever an open area needs to be bridged with a weld. Magnetic panel holds tight on its own, and your welding material won't stick to the copper. 1/8"-thick solid copper, with high-strength, high-heat magnets. Made in the USA.


4" Magnetic Copper Backer

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