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  • Eastwood 4pc Fluid Line Stopper Set

    Eastwood 4pc Fluid Line Stopper Set

    Item #30122 Brand: Eastwood

    Spring-loaded, to plug disconnected fluid lines


    Working with disconnected fluid lines? Eastwood’s Fluid Line Stopper Set plugs ’em up.

    You don't want disconnected fluid lines leaking all over you and the shop floor, so use these spring-loaded line stoppers to plug open fluid lines as you work.

    • Prevents fluid leaks and contamination during service
    • Perfect for replacing brake calipers and lines
    • Spring-loaded, for instant on/off
    • Works with all automotive fluids

    About Eastwood 4pc Fluid Line Stopper Set

    Suitable for fuel rails and lines, flare-type steel brake, fuel, oil and A/C lines, and banjo fittings on brake, power steering and transmission cooler lines. Works on tube nuts, AN, and banjo fittings.


    Includes 4 stoppers, for 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" and banjo fittings

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