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5pc Adjustable Flexible Sander Kit

Item #20326 Brand: Eastwood

Complete contact even on high-
crowned fenders; prevents flat spots


Get a glass-smooth paint finish when you use this 5-Pc. Flexible Sander Kit to create a uniformly sanded surface Our 5 flexible sanders (6", 9", 15", 21" and 27" lengths) make complete contact even on high-crowned fenders and body panels, to prevent flat spots.
  • All 5 Flexible Sanders bend to match contoured or flat surfaces
  • Remove any or all of the 3 steel interior rods (none in 6") to adjust sander's flexibility
  • Work with your standard 2-3/4"-wide PSA sandpaper

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About 5pc Adjustable Flexible Sander Kit

Straight, smooth, ripple-free finishes start with perfectly straight bodywork and accurate block sanding. These flexible sander "blocks" bend to match the body's contour to virtually eliminate flat spots and assure a uniform surface.

All but the 6" sander have a stainless steel faceplate embedded into the urethane foam body. Also, remove any of the 3 steel interior rods to adjust the flexibility of the sander (none in the 6"). Made in the USA.


31171 6"-long Flexible Palm Sander (no interior rods)
14282 9"-long Flexible Sander
31143 15"-long Flexible Sander
31144 21"-long Flexible Sander
14283 27"-long Flexible Sander


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Great for sanding curved surfaces like hoods, roofs and fenders on earlier cars. Sand body panels from flat to curved. Sanders are extremely flexible without the rods installed; as the number of rods increases (none in the 6"), so does the stiffness of the sander.

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