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  • 6" Complete Liquid Ice FinishingSystem

    6" Complete Liquid Ice FinishingSystem

    Item #51561Z Brand: Norton

    Removes scratches and swirl
    marks; produces high-gloss finish
    Use in a well-ventilated area.


    Liquid Ice Finishing System creates a beautiful high-gloss finish in just 3 easy steps Complete system with 6" pads has everything you need except the power buffer. Start by squirting on some of Norton's Liquid Ice, then...
    • Step 1 removes all sanding scratches
    • Step 2 removes any polish swirl marks
    • Step 3 produces the high-gloss finish
    • Final touch: Liquid Ice Detailer Spray removes residue

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    About 6" Complete Liquid Ice FinishingSystem

    Creating a flawless high gloss finish is now as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just squirt on some of Norton's Liquid Ice and start with Step 1, the Super Cut Wool Pad to remove all sanding scratches. Switch to Step 2, the Blue foam Cutting Pad, to remove any polish swirl marks. Switch to Step 3, the White Finishing Pad, to produce a high gloss finish and finish your paint job off right. And finally remove all buffing residue with the Liquid Ice Detailer spray. For best results use a buffer that operates in the 1000 to 1500 rpm range.


    12019 Liquid Ice cutting polish 12016 white pad 12015 blue pad 12014 wool pad 12017 backing plate 29981Z Norton Detailer Spray


    43311 Dewalt Polisher


    always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection


    made In USA 1 year warranty