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Factors to Consider When Buying a Blast Cabinet

Size Does Matter - What to Look for

  • Make sure your blast cabinet is big enough to handle your current and future needs
  • Check out interior (working area) dimensions. Be aware that some manufacturer's exaggerate the size of their cabinets by mentioning only exterior dimensions

Door Types

  • Single side door cabinets have a door only on one side. This may limit placement options in the shop
  • Top-loading cabinets are loaded from the top
  • Clamshell designs are split in the middle (like a clamshell) for loading

Does a Larger Cabinet Mean Using a Larger Compressor?

  • Compressor requirements are determined by the size of the nozzle you select for your cabinet
  • Make sure that you have a selection of nozzles to choose from in order to optimize performance of your cabinet and compressor
  • Our cabinets require a minimum of 7 cfm at 80 psi.

Cabinet Construction - What Should I Look for?

  • Eastwood's blast cabinets are constructed with heavier-gauge sheet metal than most cabinets.
  • Large polyethylene and bench top cabinet are lighter than metal cabinets.
  • Eastwood blast cabinets use peel-off lens covers that are easy to change so you can always clearly see what you are working on.

Parts Availability