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Abrasive Blast Intro Kit

Item #13944 Brand: Eastwood

Try abrasive blasting on smaller jobs, without a big investment


Give abrasive blasting a try with this introductory Abrasive Blasting Kit This kit lets you try abrasive blasting without a large initial investment. Just connect the blasting gun to your home compressor, put on your protective gear, and place the pickup tube in the bottle of ground glass blast media (included).
  • Suction head draws abrasive grit into the air stream
  • Trigger action lets you blast when and where you want
  • Ground glass media removes rust, paint and more
  • Requires 7 cfm at 80 psi

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About Abrasive Blast Intro Kit

Suction head draws the abrasive grit into the air stream to minimize surging or skipping, and accelerates the media. Silica-free, 40/70 ground glass abrasive blast media is a smart, non-hazardous substitute for silica sand and slag, and works best for paint, carbon and light rust removal.


Abrasive Blast Gun with pickup tube
Ground Glass Blast Media, 10 lbs.


1377910LBS Additional Ground Glass Media - 10 lbs.
13779 Additional Ground Glass Media - 50 lbs.
11806 Automotive (Medium) Bicarbonate Soda Media
22095 Deluxe Sandblasting Hood
22044 Replacement Steel Nozzle Set
22043 Replacement Ceramic Nozzle Set


Use a properly fitted dust mask or respirator, safety glasses or safety shield, plus heavy gloves, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt to protect exposed skin. Make sure the deadman valve is operating properly by depressing the valve lever and releasing; the nozzle should close under its own spring pressure. If not, do not use the deadman valve until the spring or obstruction is repaired.