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Abrasive Media Funnel Strainer

Item #50417 Brand: Eastwood

Easiest way to neatly pour abrasive into a blaster; also filters debris


Abrasive-Media Funnel includes a built-in strainer The easiest way to neatly pour abrasive media into your blaster is to use this funnel that includes a concave 16-mesh screen permanently affixed inside the top rim to filter debris.
  • Generous 8" diameter at top
  • Funnels down to 9/16"-dia. opening at bottom
  • Permanent debris-filtering screen

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About Abrasive Media Funnel Strainer

Our galvanized steel funnel has an 8"-diameter top opening that tapers to the drop-center tube design and 9/16" opening for neat, accurate channeling of abrasive or soda media. Made in USA.


When blasting, use a properly fitted dust mask or respirator, safety glasses or safety shield, plus heavy gloves, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt to protect exposed skin.