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    Restoration Rotisserie Adjustable Door Bars

    Item #12177

    Horizontal bracing for convertibles;
    door openings 44"-62" wide


    Door Bars help prevent a convertible body from sagging while up on your rotisserie Since it has no roof, a convertible body/frame needs reinforcement to prevent it from sagging while it's mounted on your rotisserie. Our pair of Long Door Bars are designed for providing that horizontal bracing on convertible frames.
    • Designed for door openings 44" to 62" wide
    • U-joints pivot to necessary angles
    • Door Bars are available in other width ranges
    • Unfinished steel

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    About Restoration Rotisserie Adjustable Door Bars

    The Door Bars are each a bolt-on horizontal brace to prevent sag on convertible vehicles while mounted to your rotisserie. Door Bars have swivel necks attached to the 4-1/4" universal mounting plates to allow attachment at any accessible area. They generally should be attached at the striker and hinge plates, but can also attach to seatbelt mounts and hinge plates. Designed on a U-joint to pivot at any angle. Door Bars may also be used for any mounted vehicle that is structurally questionable. Check the width of your door opening for attachment options. 5-year mfr's. warranty on the steel. Made in USA.


    Pair of Door Bars for door openings 44" to 62" wide.


    Use with your rotisserie for restoring, welding, painting, abrasive-blasting and soda-blasting of your convertible.


    13656 , 13657 Door Bars
    12011 , 12012, 12746 , 12740 Welders
    50095 Soda Blaster
    12096, 12097 Gel Rust Dissolver
    51483z , 51676, 51677 Rust Converter
    50544zp, 50545zp 2K Ceramic Chassis Black


    Always make sure the vehicle is secure and balanced when using a rotisserie. Read and understand instruction manual before using, to avoid serious vehicle damage or bodily injury. Always wear eye, skin, and respiratory protection.