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AeroKroil 16.5 oz Aerosol

Item #50044Z

Aerosol dissolves rust, lubricates, cleans


Spray-on AeroKroil® Penetrating Oil to loosen "frozen" metal parts Stubborn rusted hardware is no match for AeroKroil Penetrating Oil! It's the best way to "unfreeze" stubborn rusted hardware and fasteners.
  • Quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts
  • Frees frozen shafts, pulleys, etc.
  • Dissolves rust, lubricates, cleans and prevents future rust

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About AeroKroil 16.5 oz Aerosol

Need to save that corroded part or fastener? Try Kroil on stubborn rusty hardware. Used by 480 of the fortune 500 maintenance departments. After trying the rest, we think you too will like Kroil best. Great on rusty hardware or even freeing frozen pistons and rings.

MSDS Sheet

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16.5-oz. aerosol of AeroKroil Penetrating Oil


43380 Kroil, 1-gal. can

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