Instruction Manual Part #12570Q – Rev. 8/06
Eastwood Airbrush Kit
With Compressor
Part #12570

Complete Airbrushing System

Operating Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Eastwood Airbrush Kit With Compressor. This is a versatile and fully portable system requiring only a 110 Volt electrical supply to operate. There is no need for a large compressor. The quality components in this kit will offer years of trouble free service.

List of Components:

  • Required For Assembly:
    A roll of Teflon pipe thread sealing tape or equivalent sealant (not included).

    Assembly Procedure:
    • Thread the Plated 1/8” FNPT x 1/4” MNPT reducer fitting (packaged with the Compressor) onto the compressor outlet (on handle). Use Teflon tape and tighten securely.
    • Thread the “IN” port of the Air Filter/Regulator onto the 1/4” MNPT end of the plated reducer previously installed onto the compressor. Rotate Air Regulator/Filter unit until securely tightened.
      Note: The unit must be positioned vertically with the regulator knob at the top and the clear moisture bowl with drain located at the bottom.
    • Thread the Brass 1/4” MNPT x 1/4” MNPT fitting (supplied with Air Filter/Regulator) into the “OUT port of the Air Regulator/Filter unit.
    • Using Teflon tape, thread the 1/4” FNPT end of the airbrush hose onto the previously installed 1/4” x 1/4” brass fitting.
    • Attach the knurled 1/8” FNPT end of the airbrush hose onto the airbrush.
      Your Eastwood Airbrush Kit with Compressor is now ready for use.