Media Blasting Accessories

At Eastwood we don't just want to sell you the tools, we want to be there to support those tools and sell the parts and accessories to keep them working like new. We also want you to work safe so you come back and buy more from us for the next project.

When it comes to media blasting we've got replacement parts for everything that is likely to wear out in normal usage, and even parts that don't normally wear out. Plus gloves, goggles, face masks and coveralls to keep the media where its supposed to be, and not all over you.

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Perfect if you're a beginning blaster, or you just don't blast that often

Only $24.99

Sale $17.99

3/8"-I.D. mixing valve for the dual blaster 11737
Only $10.09
Replacement hose for pressure line from manifold to tank's lower valve
Only $11.09
Eastwood Window Liners 5 Pack
Only $10.49
Replacement Glove Set for Eastwood Blast Cabinet
Only $19.99
Replacment Plastic Window for 30721
Only $19.99
Replacement Light Assembly for 30721
Only $19.99
Clear plastic covers protect up to a 12"x24" glass lens
Only $10.49
16"-long gloves protect against harsh abrasives and chemicals
Only $16.99
Fits Eastwood pressure and soda blasters, and Clarke pressure blasters
Only $14.59
Replacement moisture separator for our abrasive blasters, soda blasters
Only $18.69
Easiest way to neatly pour abrasive into a blaster; also filters debris
Only $15.79
Removes debris from blast media when you want to reuse it
Only $15.79
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