Media Blasting Replacement Parts

Blasting media is abrasive, that is the whole point. That's how it works. Because of this parts inside blasting guns, cabinets and pressure blasters are going to wear over time. Eastwood has everything you need to keep it in tip-top shape. We've got new guns, nozzles and hoses, replacement seals, valves and filters, and more. We even have an adapter kit to change over your abrasive blaster to use soda blasting media instead.

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8'-long Replacement Blast Hose for your pressure blaster
Only $14.59
Convert an abrasive blaster into a soda blaster in less than 15 minutes!
Only $89.99
The most-needed replacement parts keep "down time" to a minimum
Only $129.99
Replacement filter keeps Dust Collector 22108 operating at peak efficiency
Only $26.99
Compared to ceramic, steel nozzles are less likely to break if dropped
Only $21.89
3 ceramic nozzles keep your blaster blasting! Includes air jet, washer
Only $22.99
Works with your Speed Blaster to "focus" the blast in a small area
Only $39.99
A new nozzle restores efficient operation of the Speed Blaster 22035
Only $14.99
Insert fits directly behind the nozzle to promote efficient media flow
Only $6.99
Fits Eastwood pressure and soda blasters, and Clarke pressure blasters
Only $14.59
Durable ceramic nozzles give long-lasting service on pressure blasters

Starting at: $9.97

Replaces 3-way manifold "T" fitting for Dual Blaster 11737
Only $8.39
Perfect if you're a beginning blaster, or you just don't blast that often

Only $19.99

Sale $9.88

Replacement outer and inner valve G3-8 for Dual Blaster 11737
Only $4.79
3/8"-I.D. mixing valve for the dual blaster 11737
Only $10.09
Replacement air line for Dual Blaster 11737 to connect tank to manifold
Only $9.59
Replaces 1/2" ball valve on several Eastwood soda/abrasive blasters
Only $8.39
Replaces ball valve for mixing valve assembly on Dual Blaster 11737
Only $8.39
Replaces O-ring (gasket) on several Eastwood soda/abrasive blasters
Only $3.59
Provides an airtight seal for pull-up plunger on 22008, 22011 blasters
Only $44.89
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