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8'-long Replacement Blast Hose for your pressure blaster
Only $12.99
Replacement filter keeps Dust Collector 22108 operating at peak efficiency
Only $24.99
The most-needed replacement parts keep "down time" to a minimum
Only $129.99
Convert an abrasive blaster into a soda blaster in less than 15 minutes!
Only $139.99
Fits Eastwood pressure and soda blasters, and Clarke pressure blasters
Only $12.99
Durable ceramic nozzles give long-lasting service on pressure blasters

Starting at: $12.99

Replaces O-ring (gasket) on several Eastwood soda/abrasive blasters
Only $2.99
Replaces ball valve for mixing valve assembly on Dual Blaster 11737
Only $6.99
Replaces 1/2" ball valve on several Eastwood soda/abrasive blasters
Only $6.99
Replacement air line for Dual Blaster 11737 to connect tank to manifold
Only $7.99
Replacement hose for pressure line from manifold to tank's lower valve
Only $9.90
3/8"-I.D. mixing valve for the dual blaster 11737
Only $8.99
Replacement outer and inner valve G3-8 for Dual Blaster 11737
Only $3.99
Perfect if you're a beginning blaster, or you just don't blast that often
Only $29.99
Replaces 3-way manifold "T" fitting for Dual Blaster 11737
Only $6.99
Designed to be extremely efficient with CFM usage and extended life
Only $12.99
Compared to ceramic, steel nozzles are less likely to break if dropped
Only $18.99
Provides an airtight seal for pull-up plunger on 22008, 22011 blasters
Only $41.99
Insert fits directly behind the nozzle to promote efficient media flow
Only $6.99
A new nozzle restores efficient operation of the Speed Blaster 22035
Only $14.99
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