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Media Blasting Safety & Protection

Stripping rust and paint with abrasive blasting doesn't involve caustic chemicals or hazardous fumes, but you still don't want to breath the dust. Pressure blasted media can also burn and abrade skin too, so if you aren't blasting in a dedicated cabinet, you need to wear the proper gear. Eastwood has goggles, face shields, and even hoods with a viewing window to keep your hair and ears clean, while protecting your eyes. Of course we've got dust masks too. We've got gloves for open air blasting, as well as replacements for your blast cabinet. We even have coveralls to keep your clothes clean.

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Just dial the ratchet knob on the headgear for proper fit
More chemical-resistant than vinyl; no latex allergy problem
Liquid-proof, anti-static, lint-free, cloth-like fiber; full zipper
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