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No matter what media of choice you are blasting, chances are Eastwood has all you will ever need. Whether you want to blast rust off frames and chassis with abrasive ground glass, silica carbide, or aluminum oxide media, we've got it in several different abrasive grits. Working on internal engine parts and worried about leaving sand in hard to reach places? We've got walnut shells which will take off paint and rust, but won't score bearing surfaces or cylinder walls if any gets left behind. Plus we carry 3 different grades of baking soda, and special waterproof soda blasting media too. And we carry not just the normal 50lb bags, but 10lb jars too, for smaller jobs.

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Basic soda media for standard paint removal; medium crystals
Only $39.99
Our most aggressive soda media for paint removal; extra-large crystals
Only $39.99
10 lbs. of ground glass blast media for our Intro Blast Kit 13944
Only $14.99
Remove paint, carbon deposits from ferrous metal; clean internal parts
Longest-lasting media for fast, effective rust removal
Works best on softer metals like aluminum, brass and die-cast
Works best on softer metals like aluminum, brass and die-cast

Only $51.49

Sale $49.99

As low as: $47.99
Non-hazardous silica substitute to use for light rust removal
Sharp edges for heavy rust removal, welding/brazing prep, glass etching
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