Siphon Blasters

If you need to remove rust on a budget, and already have a shop air compressor, a siphon blaster is all you need to get started. Our Blast-Out-of-a-Bucket is affordable for even one time usage by the home restorer. The gravity feed gun is great for cleaning up body panels before patching them. Plus we sell 10lb jars of abrasive media and soda so if your doing a small job there's no need to buy a 50lb bag.

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Easily handles "spot" rust-removal jobs...just attach a home compressor
Only $59.99
Perfect if you're a beginning blaster, or you just don't blast that often

Only $24.99

Sale $17.99

Try abrasive or soda blasting on smaller jobs, without a big investment

Starting at: $14.99

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