Body filler for dent repair and professional grade auto body repairs!

Whether you are performing a body off restoration or repairing dents and door dings, Eastwood has the auto body fillers you need to achieve professional results. We carry a full selection of Eastwood, Evercoat, USC, and Bondo auto body fillers, including Rage Gold, Rage Extreme, Metal2Metal, All-Metal, DuraGlass, Bondo-Dynalite and much more.

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Rage Ultra Body Filler .8 Gallon

Only $79.99

Sale $74.99

Evercoat Evergold Lightweight Filler Gallon
Only $54.99
Ready-to-mix consistency, fast drying, no drag, excellent adhesion

Only $23.79

Sale $21.88

Designed to be used with Evercoat Maxim 2-component cartridges

Only $2.99

Sale $1.49

Primer/surfacer has twice the film build of other polyester primers
Only $134.99
Recondition urethane bumpers; spray- on a new, durable, factory-look finish

Only $16.99

Sale $13.88

For use with USC's All-Metal aluminum-filled repair compound
Only $3.99
For use with USC fillers that require a liquid catalyst
Only $4.99
Non-separating cream hardener is for use with USC fillers
Only $4.99
Include resin, liquid hardener, fiberglass cloth, spreader
Only $50.99
Clear liquid hardener for Evercoat Metal-2-Metal
Only $5.49
Flexible spring steel applicators are perfect for spreading body filler, glazes
Only $9.99
20 different straight and curved edges for precise application
Only $5.19
Save clean-up time, money: 100 tear- off mixing sheets on masonite board
Only $19.59
Need more filler over self-etching primers? Use FeatherFill® G2™

Only $94.79

Sale $89.99

SEM Bumper Bite Flexible Glaze
Only $25.99
Fill pinholes, sand scratches, polyester putty...even on large areas

Starting at: $12.99

1-step filler actually inhibits rust and self-etches, to save you time

Starting at: $24.99

Eastwood 5 Piece File Set

Only $32.39

Sale $19.99

The foundation to a great paint job
Only $169.99
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