Body Fillers Explained
  • Premium Polyester : Univeral filler that can be used DTM (Direct To Metal) or over epoxy primer.
  • Fiberglass Strand: A multi-purpose, high-strength, micro-fiber-reinforced filler designed to repair rusted-out spots, holes, tears and cracks on fiberglass, regular and galvanized steel, aluminum and SMC.
  • Glazing Putty: Use glazing putty to fill pinholes and other minor imperfections that can ruin the look of your final finish.
  • Aluminum-Filler: Fortified with aluminum particles to produce a repair with extra strength. Excellent for making repairs to factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications.
Body filler for dent repair and professional grade auto body repairs!
Whether you are performing a body off restoration or repairing dents and door dings, Eastwood has the auto body fillers you need to achieve professional results. We carry a full selection of Eastwood, Evercoat, USC, and Bondo auto body fillers, including Rage Gold, Rage Extreme, Metal2Metal, All-Metal, DuraGlass, Bondo-Dynalite and much more.
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For use with USC's All-Metal aluminum-filled repair compound

Only $3.99

Sale $1.88

For use with USC fillers that require a liquid catalyst
Only $4.99
Non-separating cream hardener is for use with USC fillers
Only $4.99
Include resin, liquid hardener, fiberglass cloth, spreader
Only $50.99
USC's best-selling lightweight filler; superb spreadability, workability

Only $17.99

Sale $16.19

USC's best-selling lightweight filler; superb spreadability, workability

Only $27.99

Sale $25.19

Aluminum-based filler can be drilled or tapped; rustproof, waterproof

Only $45.99

Sale $41.39

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