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Buffing Motors

If you want to buff and polish small parts to a spectacular finish, you need a buffing motor as well as the wheels and compounds that go with it. But first you need the motor, and you need one that isn't going to get hot, slow down or wear out with lots of use, because let's face it polishing does take a lot of work.

Eastwood can set you up with the motor, the wheels, the compounds and more in one kit to get you started quick. We've got everything from a 1/2hp motor for the occasional user, up to a 1 1/2hp motor for all day every day shop use. We've got a combination bench grinder and polisher too, to help with fabricating the functional, and the cosmetic parts of your ride, and if it's all about function we've got a grinder/belt sander combo with a multitude of uses. .

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1/2-HP, 3450-rpm buffer's extended shaft allows more working area
Only $109.99
17 pieces help you add a lustrous shine to auto parts and more

Only $29.99

Sale $27.97

Sands, finishes, grinds, sharpens, cleans, deburrs, files

Only $119.99

Sale $99.97

1/2-HP, 3450-rpm buff motor includes a cast iron stand

Starting at: $159.98

Just bolt the motor to your stand or workbench and buff virtually any metal or plastic.

Starting at: $170.56

The perfect way for an enthusiast to get started!

Starting at: $276.06

Eastwood 1HP Buff Motor Buffing Kit and Stand

Starting at: $397.97

1-HP, dual-speed buffer's extended shaft allows more working area
Only $199.99
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