Paint Polishing

Eastwood caries everything you need to polish and buff paint to a brilliant shine. Whether you are trying to return an oxidized old finish to its former glory, or do the final rub down on a brand new paint job, we have it all. We carry single and dual disc buffers that are tough enough for the big jobs, and everything that goes with them. When you need foam or wool discs, or polish and rubbing compounds we've got them. We ever carry a specially formulated detailer spray to clean any residual polish from hard to reach spots.

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Produce an outstanding high-gloss, swirl-free finish...great for dark colors
Only $38.99
Non-gritty formula works on auto paints, leaving a fine finish
Only $41.99
Eliminate swirl marks on painted surfaces, even difficult dark colors
Only $49.99
Sand Boss Buffer Kit

Starting at: $5.99

Cyclo counterweights

Starting at: $8.39

Sand Boss Replacement Lambskin
Only $19.99
Cyclo Polishing Pad Cleaner
Only $8.39
Nylon Web Scuff Pads

Starting at: $19.99

Cyclo Carpet Brush Pad 2 pack
Only $41.99
3M's best rubbing compound when looking for "EXtra" performance
Only $44.99
Cyclo Orange Polishing Pad 2 pack
Only $10.99
Cyclo Green Polishing Pad 2 pack
Only $10.99
Cyclo Wool Polishing Pad 2 pack
Only $13.99
Cyclo Stiff Scrub Brush 2 pack
Only $41.99
3 pads and backing plate work in conjunction with Liquid Ice
Only $79.99
Removes scratches and swirl marks; produces high-gloss finish
Only $36.99
Polishes metal, fiberglass, wood and body filler; with wool bonnet
Only $89.99
Cyclo Yellow Polishing Pad 2 pack
Only $10.99
3 domed foam pads: for cutting, swirl removal, final polishing
Only $34.99
Spray-away compound residues that spoil that show-car sheen

Only $17.49

Sale $16.99

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