Vibratory Tumblers and Media

    There is no better, simpler way to clean and polish small parts than a vibratory tumbler. Toss all your rusty old hardware in the tumbler, add the right media, and let it do its thing. It will come out with no rust, looking almost like new. Send it through one more time with the finer polishing media and its will likely look better than new. Eastwood carries all the media you need too, as well as 2 different sized tumblers. For the final prep before paint or powder coat use our metal wash, which not only cleans any residual grease and oil off, but prevents flash rusting for weeks.

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    Includes green rust-cutting and dri-shine media at a savings
    Only $24.99
    Hardwood Cubes 5mm Tumbler Media Set

    Starting at: $0.00

    Removes rust, plated coatings, paint 3X faster than green media
    Only $21.99
    Use after green de-rusting media to bring out a brilliant luster
    Only $16.99
    GreenPlastic pyramid media removes rust, paint, plated coatings
    Only $21.99
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