Door Repair Tools

The doors on a car live a hard life, especially the long heavy doors of the classic coupes we all love. They get dinged, they get scratched, they get bent, and eventually if they avoid all that they still end up sagging due to worn out hinge pins. Eastwood knows all this, that's why we have nearly 2 dozen different tools specifically for working on doors. Whether you need to remove the inner panel without damaging the clips, or perfectly fit a new skin to the exterior, we've got the tools to help.

Got doors that sag and rub? Are your shut lines just uneven? We've got the tools to take apart and fix most hinges. We also carry several neat tools to get that door perfectly aligned. When you're done they'll close and look better than they ever did from the factory.

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Replace the 2" pad on our Door-Skinning Tool 12445
Only $14.99
Installs rivets in these sizes: 1/8", 3/32", 5/32", 3/16"

Starting at: $14.99

Ajax Hinge Pin Driver A1111ZG
Only $19.11
Eastwood Pin Alignment System

Only $14.99

Sale $11.99

Remove door interior panels without retaining clip pulling thru backing

Only $24.99

Sale $17.99

Use to release door panel fasteners on the hinged side of the door
Only $14.99
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