Hammers, Dollies, Spoons & Picks

People like to joke that if you can't fix something with a big hammer, you just need a bigger hammer. Well here at Eastwood we have all sizes of auto body hammers no matter how big the job.

We also have the hammer's equally important partner in the auto body world, the dolly. For those of you who prefer the subtler methods of popping out dents, we carry spoons and picks that can reach into the hardest to get at interior parts of body panels. We even sell package kits with an assortment of tools to get you started right out of the box.

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Martin® door-skin finishing hammer with rubber-coated heel dolly
Only $74.99
Our finest hickory hammer and dolly set; made in the USA by Martin®
Only $254.99
4 of the most popular Martin® hickory body and fender hammers
Only $149.99
Straighten delicate trim like a pro with this precision set!
Only $34.99
Martin Tools set includes 4 hammers, 3 dollies, 2 spoons and more
Only $399.99
The most popular metal-working tools, plus an informative bumping book
Only $229.99
Fairmount tools made by skilled craftsman for over 100 years
Only $49.99
Fairmount 3 Pc Wood Hammer Set
Only $59.99
Fairmount 4 Pc Hammer Set Wood
Only $69.99
Fairmount 9 Pc Metal Forming Set Wood
Only $199.99
Fairmount 8 Pc Hammer & Dolly Set Wood

Only $159.99

Sale $139.99

Ideal for smoothing or straightening detail creases and inside corners
Only $32.99
Square face gets into corners; round shrinking face pulls metal in
Only $42.99
Replacement hickory handle for Martin Tools' body hammers
Only $9.99
Blunt pick for gentler panel raising; low-crown round face; wood handle
Only $26.99
Ball pein on 1 side, flat face on the other; balanced wood handle
Only $24.99
Ideal for straightening stainless trim; small enough for tight spots
Only $19.99
Made by Martin Tools for use on replacement door skins; wood handle
Only $44.99
Made by Martin Tools with 2 different head sizes for versatility
Only $34.99
Made by Martin Tools for wide-area shrinking; chisel end for corners
Only $36.99
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