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Body Hammers

If you've ever seen the pits of a stock car race, you know its possible to do rough body work with a sledgehammer and rolls of tape. But if you want it to look good, sledges and ball peen hammers just don't cut it. Eastwood offers every size and shape of hammer you could possibly need for popping out dents and creases in sheet metal body-work. We actually carry enough different tools to set up a custom shop like the panel beaters did on European coach-built customs and sports cars. We even have serrated hammers and dollies for shrinking stretched and dented areas. And when your old hammers is beat, we sell replacement handles for as well.

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Made by Martin Tools for wide-area shrinking; chisel end for corners

Only $36.99

Sale $32.99

Made by Martin Tools with 2 different head sizes for versatility

Only $34.99

Sale $27.99

Made by Martin Tools for use on replacement door skins; wood handle

Only $44.99

Sale $37.99

Ideal for straightening stainless trim; small enough for tight spots
Only $19.99
Made by Martin Tools for door skins; durable, cushioned fiberglass handle

Only $46.99

Sale $41.99

2 head sizes and a durable cushioned fiberglass handle; by Martin Tools
Only $37.99
Made by Martin Tools, it's superbly balanced, with fiberglass handle

Only $34.99

Sale $29.99

Curved chisel matches arc of swing to get inside corners; 1-1/2" face
Only $34.99
Ball pein on 1 side, flat face on the other; balanced wood handle
Only $24.99
Ideal for smoothing or straightening detail creases and inside corners
Only $32.99
Martin Fender Bumper Fiberglass Handle

Only $46.99

Sale $38.99

Square face gets into corners; round shrinking face pulls metal in

Only $42.99

Sale $33.99

Replacement hickory handle for Martin Tools' body hammers

Only $9.99

Sale $6.99

Square face for corners; round shrinking face; fiberglass handle

Only $45.99

Sale $37.99

Blunt pick for gentler panel raising; low-crown round face; wood handle

Only $26.99

Sale $24.99

Blunt pick for gentler panel raising; low-crown round face; fiberglass

Only $32.99

Sale $27.99