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Spring-loaded to hold rings closed

Only $24.99

Sale $21.97

Fix vinyl, plastic and leather upholstery, padded dashboards

Only $27.99

Sale $24.97

Interior trim tool removes small plastic and metal fasteners

Only $12.99

Sale $11.97

Contoured to suit many trim-forming needs

Only $17.99

Sale $12.97

5 trim tools quickly detach panels and remove interior fasteners
Only $54.99
Specialized tools work with car's clips, retainers, fasteners
Only $19.99
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Interior Repair

Sure we all want the outside of the car to look good and impress the neighbors, but you'll spend most of your time staring at the inside of your car. On top of that, most interiors are less durable and harder to work on than the metal body panels and trim on the outside. Doing the interior of the car right requires patience, the light touch of a safe cracker, and the right tools for the job. Pull it off correctly and no one will ever know, but do it wrong and you'll end up on eBay late at night looking for 30-year-old NOS plastic clips.

Eastwood has the right tools for the job. We carry priers, and pliers to take inside panels and trim off without damaging anything. We've got the tools you need to stretch and attach new upholstery to old frames correctly. Plus we've got adhesives and epoxies to fixed cracked and broken plastic, or reattach carpets and weather stripping. We even have prep, primer and chemicals to help with dying or painting interior vinyl, plastic and leather, and restoring steering wheels.


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