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Lead-based solder for better adhesion, longer durability, than plastic fillers
Only $89.99
Includes 5 lbs. of 30/70 lead-based solder for serious soldering pros
Only $164.99
Lead-free solder can be filed or sanded, by hand or power tool

Only $159.99

Sale $149.99

Includes 5 lbs. of stronger, safer, more durable, lead-free solder

Only $349.99

Sale $299.99

Flat paddle for shaping body solder on flat surfaces
Only $6.99
Provides a flexible, adjustable backup for your file blade
Only $24.99
5 acid brushes are ideal for applying fluxes, paint removers and more
Only $5.99
Single 1/4-lb. stick (30% tin, 70% lead) for long-lasting body repairs

Only $5.19

Sale $4.99

Prevents solder from sticking to paddle; keeps solder contaminate-free
Only $26.29
Lead-free solder is stronger, safer, than lead-based body solder
Only $62.99
Promotes adhesion of our lead-free or lead-based body solder
Only $34.69
1-lb., 30/70 lead stick for easier leading of larger auto body areas

Only $20.59

Sale $14.99

Slip over existing oxy-acetylene tip to produce a soft solder flame
Only $33.69
Soft, dispersed flame suitable for body solder and plastic forming

Only $24.99

Sale $21.99

Perfect for fast, even, safe flameless heat, and pinpoint soldering

Only $32.39

Sale $26.99

Half-round paddle for shaping body solder on flat and concave surfaces
Only $6.99
Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar

Only $23.09

Sale $21.99

14" body file has 8 TPI for fast cutting, less material build-up
Only $29.99
Clean, efficient method for lubricating solder paddles

Only $17.59

Sale $11.99

Quickly shape polyester body fillers before they harden completely
Only $32.39
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