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Wood Handle Speed File...easy, fatigue-free finishing

Only $29.99

Sale $21.97

Welding Aid Tri-Pak
Only $44.28
Lisle Magnetic Soldering Clamp 55000
Only $14.99
Solid maple file holder for your flat body file
Only $14.99
Click here for rasp files, the holder, or the whole kit!

Starting at: $21.99

Quickly shape polyester body fillers before they harden completely
Only $32.39
Slapping File Coarse Cut
Only $37.99
Slapping File Medium Cut
Only $37.99
Single 1/4-lb. stick (30% tin, 70% lead) for long-lasting body repairs
Only $4.99
For fluxes, tinning compounds; 7.5" handle holds full-length bristles

Only $6.29

Sale $3.97

Prevents solder from sticking to paddle; keeps solder contaminate-free
Only $25.99
Lead-free solder is stronger, safer, than lead-based body solder
Only $62.99
Promotes adhesion of our lead-free or lead-based body solder
Only $34.99
1-lb., 30/70 lead stick for easier leading of larger auto body areas
Only $20.99
Slip over existing oxy-acetylene tip to produce a soft solder flame
Only $33.69
Perfect for fast, even, safe flameless heat, and pinpoint soldering

Only $31.99

Sale $14.88

Half-round paddle for shaping body solder on flat and concave surfaces
Only $6.99
5 acid brushes are ideal for applying fluxes, paint removers and more
Only $5.99
Provides a flexible, adjustable backup for your file blade
Only $24.99
Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar

Only $22.99

Sale $22.97

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Body Soldering

Back in the day, when guys were first building '32 Ford roadsters into hot rods, and chopping and channeling '49 Mercurys into customs, no one would dream of using Bondo. The reason customs were called "lead sleds" was because of the amount of actual lead body solder they would have to use to smooth them and fill in holes. Well if you are still a hard-core traditionalist and want to do it the old way with a torch and solder, Eastwood can set you up. We have real lead, and lead-free lead for your lead sled. Plus all the acid, brushes, and shaping tools you'll need to do it right. We even have kits with lead, shaping tools and a how to DVD to get you started; Everything you need except the torch.


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