Plastic and Glass Repair

    Not every aspect of restoring your car involves metal. The glass of the greenhouse takes up a large portion of the body too. And if you have a car made in the past 30 years, chances are a good portion of it is made of plastic too. Eastwood has what you need to remove and install new glass, or polish scratches out of the old windows.

    Got a late model car with plastic headlight lenses? Eastwood has professional grade kits to polish them till they are clear once more. Need to fix a torn bumper cover, inner fender, or the body work on a motorcycle? We carry several different options: from plastic welders, to hot staples, to adhesives and epoxies.

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    Learn how to restore your faded headlights
    Only $1.99
    S&G Windshield Removal Tool 87900
    Only $19.99
    Avoid costly windshield replacement by removing scratches, haze
    Only $49.99
    Avoid costly windshield replacement by removing even deep scratches
    Only $69.99
    3 replacement discs for our Deep- Scratch Glass Polishing Kit
    Only $9.99
    Replacement polish kit with 3" felt pad, backing pad, spindle adapter
    Only $27.99
    Make strong repairs of damaged plastic parts

    Starting at: $24.99

    Makes strong, permanent repairs on almost any hard plastic

    Starting at: $26.79

    FiberFlex welding rods eliminate the need to identify the plastic
    Only $69.99
    Make quick, durable repairs on plastic bumpers, grills, any plastic
    Only $229.99
    Make strong repairs on damaged plastic parts
    Only $159.99
    Avoid expense of replacing weather-stripping, vinyl tops, floor mats...
    Only $19.99
    Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award Winner! SEMA 2014
    Only $29.99
    Rather than replace yellowed headlights, repair them and save!

    Only $17.99

    Sale $12.79

    Restore auto glass and headlights with one chemical-free kit
    Only $49.99
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