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Glass Polishing

Glass is more durable than you would think. If it's not cracked or de-laminating inside, often it can be polished to look as good as the day the car rolled out of the factory. And if you've got compound curved glass that isn't easily found and replaced, polishing may be your only option. We at Eastwood are doing what we can to help. We've got special polishing kits to make old glass look new. With our kits and some elbow grease you can get rid of all but the deepest scratches in your old windows.

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Avoid costly windshield replacement by removing scratches, haze
Only $49.99
3 replacement discs for our Deep- Scratch Glass Polishing Kit
Only $9.99
Replacement polish kit with 3" felt pad, backing pad, spindle adapter
Only $27.99
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