Plastic Repair

    More and more cars today have plastic body panels. If you are restoring motorcycles, it’s hard to find a bike that doesn't have some easily-damaged plastic body panels. Eastwood can set you up with everything you need to repair most plastics. We carry hot staplers to fix torn inner fenders or other plastic parts where strength is more important than looks. With plastic welding, you can repair many plastics just like regular welding joins metals, leaving it as good as new. We also have adhesive and epoxy solutions for many plastic repair jobs, as well as an aerosol to restore the surface of weathered parts.

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    Make strong repairs on damaged plastic parts
    Only $159.99
    Make quick, durable repairs on plastic bumpers, grills, any plastic
    Only $229.99
    FiberFlex welding rods eliminate the need to identify the plastic
    Only $69.99
    Makes strong, permanent repairs on almost any hard plastic

    Starting at: $26.79

    Make strong repairs of damaged plastic parts

    Starting at: $24.99

    Avoid expense of replacing weather-stripping, vinyl tops, floor mats...
    Only $19.99
    Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award Winner! SEMA 2014
    Only $29.99
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