Auto Restoration Rotisseries

    If you are like most people, doing an actual frame off restoration of your car is just not possible without moving to a house with a larger garage. Luckily, these days you can mount your project to a rotisserie and work on all sides on it in little more than the space of a 1 car garage.

    Eastwood carries a rotisserie for just about any car you are likely to be working on. Plus we have dedicated stands on wheels to easily move around bodies, body parts and other large sub-assemblies. And all the accessories you may ever need too.

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    Bolts onto rear leaf spring shackle mount and front sub-frame studs
    Only $159.99
    Reaches rear leaf spring shackle mount and front bumper mounts
    Only $139.99
    Securely mount your truck cab on any of our rotisserie models
    Only $189.99
    Mount '64-1/2 to '73 Mustang and Ford uni-bodies on our PLUS
    Only $109.99
    Mount your ’67-’81 Camaro/Firebird on our PLUS model rotisserie
    Only $124.99
    Corvette Sub Frame Assembly Bare Steel
    Only $1,349.99
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