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Eastwood Contour 6" Round PSA

Starting at: $5.99

Eastwood 6 in. Film Backed Sandpaper H&L Grit 5PK

Starting at: $8.99

Eastwood Contour Non Woven Hand Pads 3pk

Starting at: $6.99

Eastwood Contour 5.5 x 9 Wet/Dry Sandpaper 6pk

Starting at: $5.99

Eastwood Contour 2.75 x 16.5 PSA Sandpaper

Starting at: $6.99

For disc sanders using a 6"-dia. disc

Starting at: $5.99

For use with the Eastwood Contour SCT® Expanding Drum 21146

Starting at: $5.99

Last 3 times longer than standard sandpaper to grind, polish and finish

Starting at: $7.99

Last 3 times longer than standard sandpaper to grind, polish and finish

Starting at: $6.49

Includes 40 abrasive cylinders of assorted grits, plus mandrel

Only $20.59

Sale $19.99

3M™ Scotch-Brite™ discs get down to bare metal fast to clean and strip
Only $35.69
Aggressive design levels fillers and surfacers quickly
Only $9.99
Ideal for final finishing and deburring of fabricated parts

Starting at: $5.99

For any belt sander using a 4"x36" belt

Starting at: $6.99

Flexible sander works with standard 2-3/4"-wide PSA sanding sheets
Only $15.59
2 inchx28 inch 80 grit Belt
Only $5.48
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Sand Paper

Sure, we all know you can get plenty of sand paper at your local big box home improvement store, but they have nowhere near the selection of specialty auto body sandpapers that Eastwood carries. We've got automotive specific sandpapers in sheets, belts, discs, sleeves and cylinders, plus Scotch Brite pads. We carry grits from 40 all the way up to 2000, which is approaching as smooth as silk. Our sand papers come in adhesive backed, hook and loop attachment, and just plain old ordinary paper.

Plus we have specifically formulated aerosol guide coat to keep track of what has and hasn't been sanded. There are also straight cylinders and tapered cones for doing things like porting and polishing, or just sanding inside really tight body curves. We carry replacement pads for your DA or disc sander, and even a bench mounted disc/belt sander with all sorts of fabrication uses.


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