Sound Deadener

Now that we live in the future, there is no reason to be driving around an old car that sounds like a pair of shoes and some loose change in a washing machine. With just a little time and effort you can make your car as quiet inside as a modern day luxury ride.

Eastwood carries a multitude of sound deadening materials that will block sound, quiet sound, or just out right stop it completely at the source. We have popular mats and liquids from Lizard Skin, Dynamat, DEI Boom Mat and our own exclusive line. We can help you fix your car so you only hear that deep-throated motor rumble, not the annoying squeaks and rattle of something loose under the floor

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Boom Mat is the first line of defense in your car, truck or van against unwanted low frequency noises and vibrations
Only $229.99
Boom Mat All-In-One kit to control sound, vibration and temperature in most cars
Only $249.99
Boom Mat Leather Look Sound Barrier offers sound damping, thermal insulation and finished leather like look all in one product
Only $169.99
Boom Mat Heavy Duty Damping Material is the best choice to stop annoying vibration of large flat panels in trucks, vans and trailers
Only $104.99
A thinner, moldable version of Boom Mat Damping Material for use when space is tight in your Car, truck or van
Only $109.99
Boom Mat Undercarpet is the second line of defense in your car, truck or van against unwanted against noise, vibration and heat.
Only $124.99
Floor & Tunnel Shield II provides even better protection from heat and noise on firewalls, transmission tunnels and more.
Only $144.99
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