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    Beugler Pro Pinstriping Kit

    Item #37025 Brand: Beugler

    Beugler Pinstriper has 7 single-stripe wheel heads; no blobs, drop-outs


    You can do your own precision pinstriping with this Beugler™ Pro Pinstriping Kit See how easy it truly is to load, use and maintain a Beugler Pinstriper, even if you can barely draw a straight line!
    • Precision-machined to eliminate gaps and leaks
    • Lays down consistent lines without blobs or drop-outs
    • 7 single-stripe wheels
    • Stripes at almost any angle

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    About Beugler Pro Pinstriping Kit

    Chrome-plated brass paint barrel has 2/3-oz. capacity, enough for stripes 250' to 1750' long, depending on line width. Limited lifetime mfr's. warranty.

    Many types of paints, inks, even glues, work well in this tool. Most brands of sign painter's enamel work well right out of the can. Oil- and water-based art mediums are ideal. Most module's paints work but avoid thin, watery mediums. Conventional house paint can be used for interior/exterior decorating. Even some decorator enamels and automotive paint may be used.


    Beugler™ Professional Pinstriping Kit includes 1/64", 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 3/32", 7/64" and 1/8" single-stripe wheels; chrome-plated brass paint barrel (2/3-oz. capacity); three pinstriping guide rods; clean-up brush.


    37021 Magnetic Guide Strip, 17' roll
    51152 Beugler™ Pinstriping Kit with Instructional DVD

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