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Blast Media Walnut Shells 50 lb

Item #22018 Brand: Eastwood

Remove paint, carbon deposits from ferrous metal; clean internal parts
Heavyweight- Special shipping charges apply.


Walnut Shells Blast Media: best for removing paint or baked-on carbon deposits from ferrous metals (like iron, steel) or to clean internal parts Use this walnut-shell abrasive to clean ferrous metals or internal parts; any of the soft abrasive material left inside the working part will break down with minimal damage.
  • 12-20-grit size
  • Use at maximum 80 psi
  • 50-lb. bag
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About Blast Media Walnut Shells 50 lb

Strong enough to produce fast-cutting action on deposits, without harming the metal.


Be sure to wear appropriate NIOSH-approved respiratory protection.

MSDS Sheet

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