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  • PowderCoat It Black

    I'm building a few projects at once, and it seems just about every one of them needed some sort of black powder coating done before I could start reassembly. I took this past weekend and cranked up my favorite Rolling Stones song and tackled my growing pile of parts for black powder treatment.

    There were 2 steps to this process. The first was cleaning the parts with the media blaster. Since I had some large parts that wouldn't fit in the blasting cabinet, I decided to use a mix of soda blast media and aluminum oxide in the dual blaster to quickly remove the years of paint, rust, and grime on these parts.

    An important tip is to sift your media through a strainer before it goes into the blaster. This is your last chance to make sure that there aren't any pieces of oversized media that weren't broken down enough. The smallest rogue piece could clog the blaster and cause headaches! This is extremely important if the media isn't high quality or has been stored in a questionable area where condensation could have gotten to the media. Either way it's a good habit to form. Sometimes you'd be surprised at what you catch!

    Once I blasted all of the parts I treated them with Eastwood After Blast to give them one final cleaning process and optimum powder adherence.

    The fun part of this process was finally here, and I started by grabbing my Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun and doing a layer of high gloss black powder followed by hot flocking a layer of ultra gloss clear powder over the parts. This combo is one of my favorites. It really gives an ultra-deep, shiny look to the black that is hard to beat!

    Once that batch had cured I moved on to do some engine brackets and other items in black wrinkle. This powder leaves a nice O.E. looking finish that is subtle, yet still clean.

    After all of this, I can say I am excited to bolt these freshly coated parts onto each car, I just need to find the time! We want to see what you are powder coating, feel free to share your photos on the Eastwood Powder Coating Forum!

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  • Bed Stretching Made Easy- Using Eastwood Metal Brake and Slip Roll

    One of the big (and controversial) jobs that we have been planning on the truck is the stretch of the bed to match the dimensions of the other half of the truck. During this process we developed and tested 2 new products. With the help of a new metal brake and slip roll, the job of recreating the original embossing in the bedsides couldn't have been easier. We shot a ton of photos and video along the way to show the process and hope to get some of it out there for you to view here soon!

    For now here is a shot of how the truck sits with the stretch. There is still a lot to do to the bed to bring it back into service, but this was a huge step in the project! Stay tuned as we dig in further!

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