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    • Here is what we found when we began cutting apart the first door in project Pile House. What do you think that... #
  • Lower Door Skin Restoration

    We are currently working on restoring the lower inner and outer door skins on Pile House. Man; these things were bad! We will be doing a full video tech feature on it here shortly. We also will be featuring the process on our February catalog cover! Stay tuned! Here are a few pics to hold everyone over for now.

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • What are you working on this weekend? Weather is getting colder here, so I am spending some time indoors,... #
    • I caught up with Kevin Tetz at SEMA 2011 to get his opinion on our NEW Internal Exhaust Coating. Thanks Kevin!... #
  • Practicing TIG Welding.

    This is a lead in from some of our other "beginners TIG welding" articles. Once you have started getting your technique and hand positions down on a piece of flat metal. Then make sure your beads are looking satisfactory (and uniform) and then you can move to laying some welds on a simple butt joint. The key when learning, is to make sure you have the two pieces clamped together tightly before welding. The larger the gap in your butt joint, the harder it will be for a beginner to fill the joint, and make a nice weld. I like to clamp the piece at both ends, then put small tack welds on each end before running your beads. Make sure you watch your puddle as you weld the joint, and be sure it doesn't get too large and start blowing the gap apart. First try running beads on these joints in between practice runs on flat metal. Eventually you will start to mimic your better weld beads from your flat stock to your butt joints.

    Remember Practice Makes Perfect!

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Here is a brand new product anyone that has done welding and fabricating could have probably used. These little... #

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