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  • Day 1 Coverage of SEMA 2011 by Eastwood

    Day One at SEMA 2011 and we are already seeing some amazing rides. We have some interviews lined up with some car builders and you will really like the stories they have to tell! For now here are a few of our highlights from todays show!

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • We are starting our live feed before the show starts today. Watch the posts here as SEMA setup begins! -Matt/EW #
  • Eastwood Daily News

    • The excitement for @SEMAshow is rising here at Eastwood! Follow our trip at starting Monday! #
    • Here is the last sneak peak from the photo shoot. Make sure you join our mailing list for your copy of the... #
    • Here is the last sneak peak from the photo shoot. Make sure you join our mailing list for your copy of the... #
  • 2011 Eastwood Vegas Dream Ride Contest Winner!

    Thanks to all for the amazing response to this year's contest, and we want to all congratulate Ed S. from Ohio. He is the 2011 winner of our Vegas Dream Ride Contest. I chatted with Ed quickly the other night and he is really excited! Here is a little background on his story.

    Ed has been a gearhead since before he could drive, one of his fondest moments was helping his dad do brakes on the family's 68 Camaro, we'd say that's a great start! By 17 he had a motorcycle underneath him, and he has never turned back. He has a 68 Camaro, 76 CJ7, and 72 Beetle restorations under his belt, so we'd say he is definitely "one of us"! Ed found out about our contest after purchasing an Eastwood Soda Blaster for his 1984 Harley FLTC Fire-resto project. Since then he has blasted the frame and made use of his large oven at work and our Powder Coating Supplies to get a jump start on his project.

    He will have to take a short break from working on his project to come to SEMA for a few days and hang out with the Eastwood crew, go out on the town in Las vegas, and most importantly, drive a bunch of super cars on the Las Vegas Speedway! Check out our live feed on for pictures, interviews, and a taste of Ed's Dream Ride experience!


  • Eastwood Daily News

    • I think this angle is better than the last, I mean check out how good the TIG 200 looks with a bow! -Matt/EW #
    • Here is your first "behind the scenes" peak of our December cover shoot. What do you think? More to come later today! #
    • Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of our first angle for the cover. What do you think? Stay tuned for more later today! #
    • We are set up for our December catalog cover shoot today. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks with the Eastwood... #
    • Watch and here on our Facebook page for a Live Stream of pictures and videos from SEMA 2011. We... #
    • Watch twitter and our Facebook for some behind the scenes sneak peaks of our December cover shoot with a '40 ford and a lovely EW model! #

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