• Vintage Motorcycles, small engines, but big addiction.

    Recently I took a hop across the ocean to visit some friends in Germany, and of course hit some car shows, swap meets, and junkyards. One of my destinations was a large vintage auto and motorbike swap meet in the "North" of Germany. Before the meet I'd been toying with the idea of getting a vintage NSU, DKW, or Auto Union Motorcycle or moped/scooter to tinker with, restore, and drive around town for fun. Previously I've never been much of a motorcycle guy, I didn't really get "it", but I've always appreciated the work that went into them. The ones that did catch my eye were always "out of this world" price-wise (I seem to gravitate towards expensive obscure stuff!).

    I really started getting interested in vintage motorbikes when I recently visited the local Boyertown Auto Museum and saw some early motorcycles in person. I instantly was intrigued with how simple they were, not much other than a tiny engine, some sheet metal and the bare basics. They essentially were bicycles with engines back then. Simplicity in motoring is one of my favorite things, no fancy computers, electronics, or creature comforts... just you, the engine, and your wheels on the road! After some research I was determined to pick up one of these lesser-known vintage bikes on my journey to Germany.

    After some haggling, and almost making a few brash purchases, I walked out of the swap meet without a bike of my own. Although after chatting with fellow enthusiasts and trying out a few vintage bikes.. I now get it. It's all the same love of vintage motoring as cars and trucks, just on a smaller scale! I am hooked, and now I've begun shopping for the right bike for me to add to my "collection" of restoration projects waiting in the wings. I'll update as I come across one, it should be fun to put all of the great Eastwood products to work on a small vintage motorcycle project!

    Until then keep building, restoring and discovering those vintage projects, and share your work with us!


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  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Saul over at Lowrider Magazine did a nice writeup on a trunk restoration he recently finished with the help of a... http://fb.me/11tnvMloT #
    • Saul over Lowrider Magazine did a nice writeup on restoring the trunk of his project with a bunch of our products.... http://fb.me/XDs4WrgM #
    • Another look at how well our Powder and Paint dissolver works! http://fb.me/10WddUrIQ #
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  • Eastwood Daily News

    • One month until the Eastwood Summer Classic Show and Shine! Come out and meet the Street Rodder Magazine crew and show off your hard work! #
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  • Name our Dodge Truck Project and Win!

    As I mentioned in one of the previous entries, we are looking for a catchy, but fitting name for the "Ol' Dodge" as it has been referred to as of late. Any vehicle with as interesting of a history, as cool of a patina, NEEDS a proper nickname for us to refer to it as. We have been kicking it around here in the office, but nothing has seemed to stick. We figured we'd turn it over to our readers to give us a great name for the "Ol Dodge".

    For anyone that missed it, I posted the history/background on the truck in my initial entry here on the blog. This truck was once a workhorse, then forgotten for many years in the woods, but now is going to live again! (although in a Frankenstein-type manner). I even considered naming the Dodge something that relates to zombies, I figure they are very much alike! Think about it, the truck will be coming back from the dead, and it will look like it did when I pulled it out of the woods, but somehow will be living and breathing! Either way I'll leave the ideas up to you after reading the background story and looking at the pictures!


    We will be picking the most creative name that catches our eye on 6/17/2011. So comment on this post with your entry, and we will announce the winner shortly after the 17th! The winner with our favorite nickname will not only get the bragging rights of naming our Dodge Truck project, they also get a handy-dandy 133 Piece Black&Decker "Project Kit", while our runner up will receive a 220 Piece Rotary Tool Set. Pretty good for just making up some silly names for a rusty "Ol Dodge" eh?!

    So what are you waiting for? Drop us a comment with your best nickname now!

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