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  • Eastwood Receives the Editors Choice Award from Popular Mechanics

    One of the tough parts of being a product designer is that a LOT of your hard work goes unnoticed. No one remembers the hours spent designing, testing, and tweaking to get a product fit to go into production. Luckily we have a great group of guys that do this stuff not only because it pays the bills, but also because they love what they are doing. Our own J.R. had one of his newest products here at Eastwood get some limelight from the Editors at Popular Mechanics Magazine when they picked the Eastwood "Aerosol Injection" system for a 2011 SEMA Editors Choice Award. We are over the moon about this most recent notoriety, and can't wait for our first batch to hit your hands. It really will make countless jobs in the shop, and around the house much easier. I know you'll find new uses for it everyday!

    Watch this space and our homepage for the full launch of our two new Aerosol Injection products late this year. It's a must have!

  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Here is another behind the scenes shot from SEMA 2011. This time of the 700HP Raybestos GTO leaving the show... #
  • Eastwood Daily News

    • Here is a feature we did on the Chopped Bar Metal Rod we posted early in the week. This is one serious custom! #
  • Eastwood Daily News

    • SEMA may be over but we are still having fun! Our contest winner is about to drive some super cars at the Vegas... #
    • Here is the new Chevy Copo Camaro leaving SEMA 2011. Click the link and watch on our YouTube account!... #
    • I posted a new photo to Facebook #
  • Eastwood SEMA 2011 Day Five

    Today was the last day of the show and we were still spotting cars we hadn't seen! Some of the most interesting cars we spotted included a modern "Goat" made out of one of the new Chevy Camaros. Our Facebook fans had mixed feelings on it, but overall we think it was pretty "neat"!

    We had a great time and have a ton of footage to edit and post from the show, so watch this space and our Facebook page for the footage we will be posting in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for watching!

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